Pokwang Furious Over Baninay's Clickbait Video of Being Tested Positive

Yesterday August 18,2020 when Ex Pinoy Big Brother Housemate Baninay Bautista has confirmed she is positive to Corona Virus last July 21, 2020. She even showed through her vlog how she was handling her situation and what precautions she is doing to fight the virus.

Wearing mask even inside their house, drinking lots of vitamins and even eating fruits and drinking boiled lemon and ginger water. Her last update according to the vlog she uploaded on her YouTube Channel is that, the city health center will take them to the quarantine facility to take care of them, she even said that she’ll update her viewers as soon as possible.

Today, Marietta Subong popularly known as “Pokwang” accuses Baninay as “Pa-trending” and “Clickbait” 

because according to her tweet that she posted on her account she said that Baninay was tested negative last August 2, 2020, and she was able to go to their house last August 16, 2020. 

Pokwang even said that they were shocked and nervous when they watched the vlog. 

As of now, Baninay Bautista still has no response to the issue. Some netizens were shocked about it, and some praised Pokwang for revealing the truth behind Baninay’s vlog. Some even said that Baninay is irresponsible and will do everything for money without considering the panic and chaos they may cause to the public

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