Pauleen Luna Directly Messaged the Rude Netizen who Bullied Her Daughter

Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna’s 2-year-old daughter Talitha Maria Sotto was bullied countless times online because of her physical appearance compared to her mom. 

Netizens are shaming the poor little girl for her looks. Some people even say that she’s not like a celebrity daughter. At her young age, people are already judging discriminating against her. But there are some netizens who defends Talitha and appreciate her for what she is.

Recently Talitha was once again bullied by a netizen named Patrich Walter L. Harris who shared a photo of the child together with her father Vic Sotto and captioned it saying “Pangit na bata”. 

He did not stop there he also commented on the post saying that whatever people say the child is still ugly for him and even said that if they're affected with his remarks, it’s not his fault and they don’t have the right to meddle with his opinion.

Causing people to be angry with him even more. Even Talitha’s mother Pauleen Sotto has lost her patience and personally messaged Patrich and said that “I would just like to let you know that I can sue you for shaming and cyberbullying a minor”

However, Patrich seems to be not affected by the actress’s threat. He even posted the screenshots of their conversation with the caption “going to jail”. He even admits that it’s okay to be sued than to make a public apology. Will Patrich be sued? Or will he make a public apology regardless of what he said?

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