Netizens went Head-Over-Heels on Daniel Padilla after his Viral Incident

Life is such a beautiful gift given to us from above. This includes different emotions, happenings that we may experience. However, there's an unforeseen event that may happen to us every day. We may not expect it, but we should face it. But somehow even there's an unfortunate happening there still a kind person we may encounter.

Recently, there's a viral post in social media an incident where Daniel Padilla is included. Daniel Padilla is one of the celebrities in the Kapamilya Network. In this case, the tricycle driver accidentally bumped into a car of  Daniel Padilla.

By looking at the incident the driver didn't expect that the one he bumped into is the car of Daniel Padilla. It happens along the way, where the tricycle is at the back of the car drive by Daniel Padilla.

In the picture and video uploaded on social media, the one that goes viral. You will see that Daniel Padilla came out in his car to look at what happens. Also, he makes sure that the tricycle driver is okay right after what happened. According to the netizen who witnessed the accident. Unfortunately, the driver bumped into the car. So that Daniel Padilla tries to look for the damage and check if the driver is okay.

At last, when they settle all the happenings and make sure that everything is okay. Daniel gave the tricycle money for the possible expenses in possible damage.

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