Netizens aren't Happy on Vincentiments' "Online Class" Rant Video

Since the Pandemic, things started to change. We suspended almost everything. Schools, Work, Transportation, and Businesses. But this cannot remain still, because if we will continue to stop, our country's economy will continue to go down. That's why we adapt and innovate with the "New Normal" where people can continue their Jobs, Businesses, and especially education.

Teachers attend a lot of seminars and workshops to be ready for the new normal, for them to be able to continue educating the youth. It may be hard and stressful but for the sake of their adherence to the nation's future, they strive to learn to be able to teach.

That's why they got hurt after Vincentiments, posted a short film about online classes, and projected negativity. As teachers carry on with the struggle to adapt for their aim to care for the children's education. This is what Vincentiments has to say and portray to the public, regarding the online class

In the midst of the crisis, all of us struggle to survive and adapt to the new normal, yet somehow there are few who continue to crash and step down on other's hardship.

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