My Best Friend is Now my Stepmom: "Hinarot mo yung Tatay ko"

Having a friend especially best friend is like an addition to your family. Your best friend is like a sister or brother to you. Your companion, ally, and shoulder to cry on, in times of sadness and despair. You give your hundred percent trust because you knew they always got your back no matter what. But sometimes your best friend can be your enemy, they can betray you in a snap of a finger. Relationships such as friendship need a lot of work and invest trust and effort to make it happen.

A girl named "KL Nebriaga" posted the story with her best friend and how their friendship ended. Her beloved best friend named "Jeaneth Salis" will be her stepmother. According to her post she said "bestfriend ko noon, stepmom ko na ngayon.😂 magkakaron pa ko ng kapatid sayo ah😊 guys, siya pa matapang!😂".

She will have a sibling with her best friend. Based on the screenshot she posted from their conversation, she frankly told to Jeaneth that "atleast di ako kabet", "di ako naninira ng pamilya", "at di ako napatol sa tatay ng bestfriend".

The post is now viral online and has gained more than 55 thousand reactions, but hours after it was posted, KL deleted it on her account. Betrayal from the one you really trust is painful it can cause anger and ruin the relationship forever. This also serves as a lesson that not all friends are true. Sometimes people use other people to get what they want and leave you after.

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