ML Streamer, Hypebit$ Tests Positive for COVID-19

The pandemic is still not over. Many people got affected, whether they got the virus or not. The whole world got suspended for almost everything. Business, Jobs, Education, Transportation, and many more. And as the Internet became one of our essential, some patient from the virus are announcing their journey or results to the world through social media. Not only to inform but to bring awareness to others.

This Saturday, August 8,2020, gamer Hypebit$ shocked his fans. He announced that he will open an email, containing the result from his swab test four days ago. He wants to open it in a live video together with his fans. He honestly told everyone that he felt the symptoms of the virus that made him took a swab test near them. He lost his ability to smell and taste and has caught a cough. 

He too, got shocked knowing the result because he thought it was just nothing for he was already feeling better. He cannot help but cry. He thought the reason was that he went outside several times to go to the market and buy their essentials because it's only the time and reason he will go outside. 

It's saddening that the virus is still infecting and affecting people. Those who share their experience with us may serve as lessons and awareness to avoid the virus and to strictly follow social distancing, and wearing masks.

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