Meet Elijah Palanca, Grandson of Willie Revillame and the Possible Inheritor of His Wealth

Are you aware that Willie Revillame has a grandchild? And will possibly inherit his grandfather's wealth?

Willie Revillame has a daughter with his former partner Becbec Soriano. Becbec Soriano is a sister of Ms. Maricel Soriano who is also in showbiz. Willie and Becbec had their daughter and she is Meryll Soriano. Meryll also started her showbiz career when she was still a child. Since then, her skills in acting were developed until she became a professional actress just like her aunt Maricel Soriano. 

Up to the present, we barely saw Meryll in movies and on television. The reason behind that is because she has a son from her former husband Bernard Palanca. But then, Meryll has been separated from Bernard six months after their wedding.

Meryll and Bernard's son named Elijah firmly inherit his parents' features, as he has a good look and charming aura that will surely bring his success if ever he would enter showbiz.

On the other hand, Meryll is surely hands-on with his child Elijah. She used to share her photos with his son on social media. 

As you noticed, Meryll is not that active in showbiz anymore, as she spends most of her time with his son Elijah. Her last movie was Culion which is an entry on Metro Manila Film Festival 2019.

Many would say that Elijah will surely inherit most of his grandfather's wealth since he was the only grandchild of Willie Revillame.

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