Man Jumps into the River After Seeing this Girl Drowning

Heroes are those who have outstanding courage and noble qualities. They do not just wear capes. Sometimes we just pass them by. They are in the persona of normal people. They project heroism not just in front of the media or a camera. They do heroic acts because they just simply want to help and save someone. They are idolized and praised for what they do.

On a video posted by a netizen a real-life, the hero was caught on an act. While heavy rain is pouring and water is flooding next to a bridge. A man noticed a child that is being carried away by the flood. 

Helplessly drowned. He decided to go down and catch the child and save him. He rushed to climbed against the bridge barrier and slide all the way down to the flood to be able to rescue the victim.

In the midst of all the negativity, humanity is indeed still alive. It’s just not that noticeable but there are yet kindhearted and brave enough to stand for someone that needs help. We just need to acknowledge them even for the little things they do for other people.

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