Luis Manzano Imitates The Viral Photo Of Jerry Yan

A well known Taiwanese actor who portrays the role of the phenomenal drama in the last 20 years titled Meteor Garden named Jerry Yan, gets viral after the uploaded clip of the premiers of the new drama which he also belongs, Counts Your Lucky Star.

Netizens have been gushing over his fit physique, toned abs, and muscular biceps. He became popular in the Philippines when ABS-CBN acquired the airing rights of the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden in 2003.

Jerry Yan, a 43 years old actor became a trending after the uploaded clip of his undressed body in the new drama. Lots of netizens talk it in social media due to having a hot body and still good looking after a year. Once again Filipino fans swooning over Jerry Yan for being a hot actor.

Recently, Luis Manzano tweeted a funny version of the viral photo. Luis topless picture together with the photo of Jerry Yan in the same visual. Luis is known as one of the stars of the ABS CBN. Also making a funny tweet about something and gets viral. So that right after the tweet of Luis Manzano, lots of his followers laughed at the picture.

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