Looking Back When Tita Winnie Mistakenly Called Chokoleit as Pooh

Losing one of the people who are very close to us is so hard to accept. Especially when that person is on our side since then. However, we can't deny the fact that we the time like that will comes and we should be a strong person and accept it. Friends, Family, and Love ones are the people who keep our smile and laugh, there is the person who always at our side and cheers us up. So it is so hard to believe and accept when one day they went.

Looking back at the death of the comedian Chokoleit. There's a viral post in the TikTok, were K Brosas interviewed by Tita Winnie of Umagang Kay Ganda. K Brosas reminiscing and giving a message to her close friend Chokoleit, she was teary explaining and giving her goodbye to her Friend. The clip was taken at the morning show Umagang Kay Ganda.

In the middle of the interview when Tita Winnie asked  K Brosas, what is her message to her Friend. Unfortunately, Tita Winnie, says a wrong name that causes to laugh of K. Brosas, as well as Tita Winnie.

" ano and gusto mong sabihin, naririnig ka ni Pooh ngayon" - Tita Winnie asked.

" Chokoleit " - K Brosas, corrected Tita Winnie.

" ay.. ay.. sorry" - Tita Winnie, apologized.

" Teka lang buhay pa naman yung is a kong kaibigan Tita Winnie, Tita Winnie h'wag namn lahat sila" - K Brosas said

" Pooh, pasensya na.. Pooh" - K Brosas added.

" Sorry.. Pooh" - Tita Winnie, apologized to Pooh.

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