Look what Filipinos did to a Free Hand Washing Station

Corona Virus is still not over and we are all advised to strictly follow the protocols to protect us from being infected. By wearing our face mask when going outside and practicing the social distancing and to regularly wash our hands for 20 seconds. Government and citizens are expected to do their very best to be united and move as one against COVID-19.

At the same time, there are still stubborn people, who cannot follow simple instructions. After the Prime Water Rosario installed a FREE handwashing station to help people observe washing their hands. The sad part is some Filipinos, dumped their trash to the sink, it was filled with used plastic cups, wrappers, and even a dirty diaper.

It made the sink so disgusting that no one can even use it. Is this still the government’s fault? Or is it just the public’s lack of discipline.

#WeHealAsOne is our motto as we fight the virus, yet somehow people are getting angry and blaming the government for not having concrete plans, but on the other side, Filipinos lack the discipline that they cannot follow simple instructions.

This truly means that Filipinos have the most terrible habit of all. Filipinos couldn't even comply with simple rules and we should change for our own good.

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