Live Video of China Roces on Tim Sawyer's Page Goes Viral

In every relationship, there's a misunderstanding that both of you may encounter. Love makes us do and feel those emotions that we never expected to feel. However, there are lots of problems that the relationship we have will challenge. Those problems that only the both of you in the relationship will solve. Also, Being in a relationship measure your patience and understanding. But for making it prolongs we should not do the thing that you know it may hurt your partner.

Recently, there's a viral post on social media. It is about the live stream of one of the well-known bloggers. China Roces the one who does the live stream. Lately, they made an issue about their relationship and it became viral.

A lot of the viewers witnessed the rants made by China Roces to her partner Tim Sawyer. China also revealed all the wrong things that Tim had done in their relationship. She also mentioned that Tim has a Mistress and he just using China and his son Timothy to gain money and fame. China also spills that any time soon Tim will leave them.

As the video goes by, there's a lot of revelation about Tim Sawyer was exposed. China also said that Tim was building a house and keep it a secret from her, also she spilled that Tim was planning to Collab to another girl vlogger just to earn money, because according to China, Tim doesn't want to lessen the money that Tim has. Also in a video, you may hear that China Roces throw rants about sustaining Tim before in his needs, but now Tim Keeping his earning and hiding lots of money away from her.

At the last of the video, and even form the start China keeps saying that she's not making a story. She just said the truth and revealing the true Tim Sawyer.

Here is the live stream that China Roces had.

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