Late Daughter Captured in a Photo During Her Own Burial

In this life losing people and accept they are gone in this world is the toughest challenge that we may face. We all know that nothing is permanent and all of us were going to pass away, however it's very hard to say goodbye to our loved ones, knowing that we will not able to them again. No matter what happens we assure that the memories that we shared with them will always in our hearts.  Some people believe in the ideology saying that the soul of the person who passed is still in here for the meantime for some reason.

In line with that, there's a viral post in social media it is all about her sister who passed away and ghosting them. It became trending te time when it is uploaded. Some of the netizens say that the photo was creepy, showing how that the ghost was in the back of the man leaning at the shoulder of it. Others say that the person who passed away may rest in peace.

Dia Sy S Ginete the person who uploads the photo. She is the oldest sister of the girl who passed away. Base on her post she assumes that her little sister is not ready to leave them.

"Bebe bat bumangon ka! Diko sure Kung ikaw un na sa likod ni Papa 😞pero ramdam ko ayaw mupa talaga mawala💔😭 kamukha mo sya oh.. 😭 Mahal na Mahal ka nila ate 🥺"

Lots of reaction was flooded due to different opinion in the said photo. Yes, t so creepy, believing that it is really their sister who passed away. However, f we look fo the other's perspective some say it was just a camera trick and edited. Others were asking and saying that the ghost doesn't have a shadow, but what is true" he may rest in peace".

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