Julia Baretto wants to be Partnered with Joshua Garcia Again

Being a part of showbiz industries. You must separate your personal life in your career for you to do your job properly. But sometimes these two roles can't control to be separated. Sometimes, you will fall in love with your co-worker especially when you are close to each other and having the same vibes. However, what if the time comes that destiny makes you hurt a lot.

In this case, these emotions can affect your job especially when two of you will work together again. But according to others is definitely depends on how well you process and handle those scenarios. Also, it will go through an agreement and settle it for good.

 In line with that Julia Baretto and Joshua Garcia both actors in the ABS CBN network also an ex real-life couple will do a series again in the said network. All of us knew that these celebrities had a relationship for a long time and unfortunately they broke up. However, upon looking at them it seems that they are in good terms. They also talked to each other like good friends.

Recently, In a video call where JoshLia participated, they admitted that despite what happened to them they're still in good terms. Also, Joshua said that there are no awkward moments between them.

"It was nice to be working with him again. Iba yung pagkakaintindihan namin kapag umaarte na kami. It was so easy to do the scenes. Naiintindihan na namin kung ano magiging atake namin." - Julia said.

"Nung naghiwalay kami, di naman kami nawalan ng connection sa isa't isa. Nag tetext naman kami... Punta pa ako sa Bahay ni before diba. Wala namang awkward. Feeling lang siguro sa mga tao." - Joshua said.

According to their statement, we can see that its really true that there's no awkward feeling between them and also they are happy to be back as JoshLia Love Team.

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