Joseph Marco's Girlfriend is a Gorgeous Russian Model

Love moves in mysterious ways. But being in love makes you a happy person and makes you do unexpected things that never thought you can. Others say that you may love a person in no particular time, and one day you may realize that one person is the one that makes your world Upside Down and despite the challenges and pain.

Recently Kapamilya actor Joseph Marco has this new and sweet post with his new girlfriend. Joseph Marco recently posted a sweet photo with another girl on Instagram. It was a collection of their other sweet polaroid photos with the caption that says, “You are the one I’ve waited for.”

The actor’s new girlfriend is Russian and her name is Dasha Romanova. In other prior posts of the actor, he’s been actually dropping hints of another girl in his life to where he said in those posts “Thank you for everyday….” and “I’ll make you breakfast every day.”

Joseph Marco seems like he is head over heels on his new girlfriend as he flaunts his girlfriend's beauty on his different social media account. You'll say that Joseph is very proud of the relationship that he has right now.

On every picture that Joseph Marco uploads we'll see that he is not the only one that is truly happy. Even his Russian girlfriend has fully loved the Kapamilya actor.

This is what we call a real-life fairytale, the story of how the beautiful princess has fallen in love with the charming prince, and hopefully, they can live happily ever after.

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