Jerry Yan Shows Physique in Promo Photos of Latest Project

Jerry Yan a Taiwanese actor who is well known as a leading man and became a part of the show titled Meteor Garden. He portrays the role of Dao Ming Si an adaptation in the movie form Japanese shojo manga. Lots of people became a fan of that Character as well as the show by making them feel a romantic excitement.

Jerry Yan is 43 years old who became a first household name in the Philippines right after the Taiwanese movie aired last 20 years ago. Now he is part of the stars in the new drama Count Your Lucky Stars. There's a clip of the scene in which Jerry is in the bathroom completely undressed, became a new viral in social media.

Recently, the scene which reveals the top body of the actor spread and became trending for showing how to look good his body was. This screenshot comes from a 30 seconds series premiere episode.

Netizens have been gushing over his fit physique, toned abs, and muscular biceps. Facebook user Star Dramachaser posted a screenshot on Facebook yesterday, August 3. At press time, the post has already reached 1,800 likes and 629 shares.

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