Heartbreaking Photos of Two Healthcare Workers Resting on the Floor of a Hospital

Heartbreaking photos of two healthcare workers resting on the floor of the Philippine General Hospital went viral online.

Over the past few months, since the Coronavirus Pandemic started the front liners and healthcare employees are experiencing hardships in performing their jobs to fight the coronavirus disease. Most of them are already tired and exhausted doing their jobs.

"PGH Medical Foundation" Facebook page shared a heartbreaking photo of the 2 Healthcare Frontliners resting on the floor of the hospital Philippine General Hospital. The photo gathered various reactions from the social media community.

As you can see from the photo above, the 2 Healthcare Frontliners took a rest by lying on hospitals floor in front of PGH ward 4, while wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). There's still a sign for us to remain on our PPE's.

The 2 Healthcare Fronliners seemed to be exhausted and tempted to take a rest on the for a while. The photo above was shared by Dr. Jay Almora.

"Two of our PGH Healthcare Frontliners resting in front of PGH ward 4. 💔 The sign to the left says "remain in your PPE's" Photo by 1st year GS resident, Dr. Jay Almora"

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