Groom Lost His Bride Because of The Beirut Explosion.

The world is in shock when the news about the explosion in Beirut aired. The biggest blast of them all is at Beirut port on Tuesday, which killed some 150 people, injured thousands and caused destruction across the city.

The explosion leaves an empty space in the city and a lot of people in grieve. Hussain Makke's post about his girlfriend who died in the explosion is now viral on the social. As of now, his post reached 123,000 reaction and 87,000 shares.

Makke's post for his girlfriend really caught the attention of the netizens. His post is about their wedding which supposed to be on 6/6/21 and it all gone because of what happened.

"Our wedding was supposed to be on 6/6/2021. You were preparing our new home, choosing the furniture you like, getting ready for our new life together. But you left me too early. Your wedding is no longer on 6/6/2021, but it will be tomorrow my dear."

"Everything that you wanted at the wedding will be there except I won't get to see you in your white dress. You have broken my back my love, and burnt the heart of my heart. There is no more taste to life after you.'" A young man's words to his bride to be after losing her to the Beirut explosion.

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