Father traded his Chickens so that his Children will be able to attend Online Class

In this upcoming school year where the mode of learning is blended due to ongoing COVID-19 and there are no physical classes, a father in Naga City thought about the idea of barter.

46 Year-old father Rommel Enriquez said that he made a living through selling rabbits while his housewife is a fruit vendor. He admitted that because of this pandemic their family is having a hard time, especially about the upcoming online classes of their children.

"Yung tungkol po sa modular, medyo mahihirapan sila maka catch-up dun. Kasi ang asawa ko po nagtitinda." Enriquez said.

For his children, he came up with the idea of bartering his 3 chicken in exchange for 1 smartphone. He posted it different barter community in social media. Barter is now trending in the country.

"Sabi ko nga kahit po second-hand basta magamit lang ng mga anak ko. Kahit isa lang." Enriquez said.

It melted the heart of some netizen and there are some offered help and cellphone without exchanging anything from Mr. Enriquez. "May nag pledge po ng dalawa, within this week daw po. 'Di ko inaasahan na ganun ang magiging reaksyon ng mga nakakita ng post ko." Enriquez said.

Enriquez and his family are very thankful to those who have a good heart that offered their help. Also, he refused the other offers and he said that give it to the other people who are also in need

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