Face Off Between Ruffa Gutierrez's Daughter and Ina Raymundo's Daughter.

We knew Ruffa Gutierrez and Ina Raymundi for their beautiful looks and body figure. We can't deny that they will have a beautiful daughter. We witnessed it when they posted a picture of their "Like a carbon copy" daughter.

A lot of netizens amazed and can't believe what they saw in these two celebrity's daughters. Ruffa Gutierrez's daughter "Venice Bektas" went viral on the social media because of her photo that looks like her mother.

Who will believe that Venice is just a 15 year old? Some netizen leave a comment "Sana all" to the photo of Venice and the reason is, she is only 15 years old and yet she has a beautiful figure that some girls want.

While Ina Raymundo's 18-year-old daughter "Erika Rae" is not falling behind, way back 2019 Erika went viral after Ina posted her daughter's pre-debut photo and video shoot.

She went viral because of her Pre-Debut Shoot and her Save-The-Date Video. Some netizens went crazy over her beauty and wonderful body.

People can't believe that Venice and Erika are just 15 and 18 years old! They are blessed to have the beauty and habit of their beloved parents. For more updates keep in touch!

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