Emman Nimedez to Pau Sepagan: "Tols, Need ko ng Dugo"

Emman Nimedez's passing is heartbreaking ang people are grieving for his loss. His friends, co-vlogger, fans, and even his acquaintances are expressing their sorrow. For the past months since he announced his condition through his vlog, that he has acute myeloid leukemia, many of his friends raised different charity sales or charity events for him, to help him with his expenses. Few of his friends even donated blood for him.

Pau Sepagan popularly known as Roger Rager is one of his few friends who helped him. And now, Pau posted pictures on his twitter account of their conversation before, that Emman said he needed a blood donor. They even made jokes that finally and officially they are now blood-related. Pau captioned it by saying "Sabi sayo tol magsabi ka lang marami pako dito..:("

Emman was loved by many and numerous people are grieving with the family's loss and sadness that the "Pambansang Oppa" is now resting in peace.

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