Emman Nimedez Still Has 2M Outstanding Balance to Hospital

Famous Youtuber content creator Emman Nimedez passed away this August 16. Netizens, fans, relatives, and friends are still mourning for his loss. The other day his girlfriend, Peachy Santos sought help through Emman’s Facebook page and told Nimedeze’s condition and their outstanding balance to the hospital in a total of 1.5 Million pesos. Many from his friends shared the post in order to help Emman and his family.

On a Facebook post by Viy Cortez, one of the members from Team Payaman. She posted the conversation of her and Peachy that contains their remaining balance to the hospital in order to get Emman’s body. The balance is a total of 2,085,532.42, according to Peachy. The photo was captioned by Viy saying:

Sa mga gusto po tumulong pls po ito po ang acct no ni peachy para po mailabas na po si Emman. eto pa po ang kulang pls pls pls mahal ka namin Emman!

People are now commenting on the post together with the screenshot with their small amount of help to support Emman and his loved ones. This only proves how pure Emman’s kindness is and how he was able to warm the hearts of his fans and viewers. 

We will forever be grateful having you and sharing your life with us, rest in peace Emman Nimedez. Our pambansang Oppa has finished his journey

Source: Viy Cortez

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