Coleen Garcia-Crawford Proudly Shows Off Her 9 Months old Baby Bump

One of the best things that may wish or happen for being a woman is to have their own baby. Being ba mother is similar to being a hero knowing that the sacrifices and effort they exert to take care making sure that their baby is okay.  The baby in their womb is the extension of their life. Also, it gives you priceless happiness that you and your partner may ever feel.

Recently, Coleen Garcia, wife of the actor Billy Crawford proudly shows the baby bump of her. She posted it on her social media account. She is at her 9 months pregnancy and one of this day she will give birth to their first baby. Looking at her, you will notice how Coleen maintain her sexiness and pretty looking mommy.

A lot of the netizen reacted that she still looks beautiful and sexy, showing the baby bumps of her, taking a picture amazingly. Some are so excited to see the baby anytime these days.

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford is co-star worker at the noontime show, Showtime. Last 2016, when they get engaged after long dating. May of this year when they proudly announce that they will have their first baby.

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