China Roces Reveals True Tim Sawyer in a Conversation with her Friend

Tim sawyer and China Roces were popular because of their videos in Tim Sawyer’s YouTube Channel. Lately, they made an issue that went viral online because they quarreled in front of the camera during a Facebook live. Lots of viewers and fans witnessed the scene. China even revealed that Tim has a mistress and used China and their son Timothy to gain fame and money. Now that they are a hot topic in social media sites.

A friend of China Ralphe Laurent posted his chat conversation with china and captioned it “"mahal ko kayo ng pamilya ko pero ibang usapan na pagdating sa pera" 👏👏👏 Isa lang sasabihin ko, matuto kang tumanaw ng utang na loob lalo na sa mga taong naging instrumento kung bakit mo natatamasa ang ginahawa ng buhay ngayon. Wag kang maging sakim. Pero naniniwala ako sayong magbabago ka 🙏Mahal ko kayo, alam niyo yan.” In the screenshot posted, it is seen how china is ranting about Sawyer. She is just requesting 200 thousand pesos from their million pesos earnings in YouTube to have money for their kids. It turns out that Tim wanted to have a signed agreement that China will no longer have hold in any of their earnings from all of their video and she will not include china in any of his vlogs anymore.

China even revealed that she discovered how Tim hide millions of earning from them. She even can’t believe that that Tim even bought a vault, when in fact when he has nothing, China helped him and stayed by his side. She even admits that Tim has changed a lot because he even said that he loves his family but when money is involved, it is a different story.

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