Buknoy Glamur Tagged as Face Mask and Curfew Violator

Buknoy Glamur otherwise known as Andrew Luis Lapid is a 16-Year-Old YouTube Vlogger who became insanely famous after belittling tricycle drivers in his vlog about reaching dreams. In a 26-second clip taken outside his house encouraged his viewers to never stop fulfilling their dreams and warned them that they might end up like a tricycle driver if they fail to do so.

“Pero ang gusto ko talaga sabihin sa inyo is ‘wag na ‘wag kayo sumuko mangarap, ‘wag na ‘wag kayong sumuko na tuparin ‘yung mga pangarap niyo kasi kung hindi kayo magsusumikap sa buhay, walang-wala kayong mararating, tulad nito,” he said and then gestured to a tricycle passing by at that moment. The clip has reached more than two million views online.

Now with another issue, Buknoy has seen drunk while walking in the streets in the middle of the night without any facemask.

As we all know only people age 21-59 are allowed to go outside for necessity or work purpose only and requiring people to wear mask whenever they are outside their house because it is part of the quarantine protocols to avoid corona virus.

He was seen drunk walking past curfew hours at the age of 16 without wearing facemask shouting “Sinong single? Sana all may jowa”, “Sana all tsismosa” and “Sana all may pira na dimunyu ka”.

The video gathered attention causing him to receive backlash from netizens. One of them even said “Buknoy is trending right now after violating curfew, non use of face masks and no face shield protocols. Another disappointment again, Buknoy is influencer really?? you don’t deserve to be called an influencer”

while others says “Not defending po or anything but he’s holding his mask and maybe he took it off for the video... and i dont think he’s drunk maybe its just an act because no one can run like that. Just an opinion”.

No matter what the reason is, he has violated the law of the government and is now trending once again online for his offensive actions.

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