Buknoy Caught Doing this in a Fast Food Restaurant

YouTube vlogger Buknoy Glamur is going viral on social media because of his different offensive actions online and in public. He was once gone viral after belittling a tricycle driver and months after he was seen outside the streets in the middle of the night despite the quarantine protocols. Buknoy violated face mask and curfew restrictions.

He was now caught by a netizen for twerking and doing a certain dance challenge at a fast-food restaurant. The netizen uploaded his video of Buknoy and captioned "Anyare sa mga iniidolong influencer ngayon? *facepalm*". As seen in the video, Buknoy was dancing and twerking on the floor, recording it on his cellphone, but later got sent away after a security guard of the establishment noticed what he is doing.

The acknowledgment of being an influencer is very crucial. You use your fame and power to affect people. That's why before you proclaim you're an influencer make sure you have something to influence people and have an advocacy to spread it to your audience for the betterment of the society and the individual you plan and want to influence.

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