Awra Briguela Compared Buknoy Glamour to a TRASH

As the issue between Awra Briguela and Buknoy Glamour went viral. Lots of netizens watching each other post pointing one another.  The issue begins when Buknoy Glamour violates the protocol implemented due to the Pandemic where experiencing. Buknoy was capture and had a video walking in the street not wearing a facemask. Also. knowing that he is a minor, and minor is prohibited to go outside.

Awra and Buknoy exchanging arguments in tweeter. Their followers are having each opinion and some are just monitoring what will happen next. As both of them adding a flame in the issue, they didn't stop making rants to each other. And if one of them posts a rant, the other one will do a tweet to.

Recently, Awra Biguela posts a photo of Buknoy Glamour on Twitter.  He compared Buknoy in a Trash. Knowing that they are just teasing each other and making one another. Awra captions his tweet as " Buknoy Glamour s a TRASH; a thread. In the picture, you can see that some pictures of Buknoy were collage with a photo of a garbage bag.

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