Awra Briguela Challenging Buknoy Glamur?

Amid in the trending issue or arguments that Buk Glamour and Awra Briguela have. Lots of the netizens gave their own reactions, in the issue where Buknoy Glamour seems drunk and walking outside without a mask. Knowing that he is just a minor and they are prohibited to go outside.

Awra roasted Buknoy on twitter pertaining to his actions and disobeying protocols. That's the case that both of them exchange a tweet rants. According to Buknoy Awra was have a big problem or issue to him so that all of his action was watched and criticized. Both of them was vlogger and had many subscribers. On the other hand, while the arguments between them were getting worse.

Some of the netizens seemed to be monitoring the tweets that may be tweeted by the two. Knowing that there's a flame between them, that anytime it may explode. In line with the issue, lots of assumptions by their followers occurred, thus Awra Briguela wants to challenge Buknoy Glamour a fistfight?

Recently, Awra Briguela tweeted a photo in his Twitter account. Flexing his Muscle. In the picture, his body was good and fit. Awra has a toned body. Looking at the picture their followers came to think that maybe its a sign that Awra may challenge Buknoy Glamour a fistfight.

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