Awra Briguela and Buknoy Glamour Exchanging of Tweet Rants Viral on Social Media

The Pandemic is still spreading here in our country. All of us are advised that we should obey the protocols implemented to secure and control the spreading of the transmission of the said virus. Also, it is a must to wear our face shield and mask to protect ourselves. One of the protocols is the one said earlier and the time limit or the curfew of every person, it is for the sake of controlling the people who are outside their houses. Knowing that it is very risky if it is crowded due to the fast transmission.

Recently, in line with that, a vlogger named Buknoy Glamour bashed and criticized for some netizen by his actions. There's a photo of him outside their house and seems his in the road waking without a facemask and it's already in the evening. Adding to that he is a minor, and as we know they should not be allowed to go outside. According to Buknoy, he is just in the outside because of the taping of his new project that will air in the youtube.

One who reacts to the said issue is also his co vlogger Awra Briguela. Awra roasted Buknoy for not wearing a mask outside. They argue in social media, particularly on twitter. Lots of the netizen was watching into both of them who are exchanging their rants.

Here are their exchanging of rants on twitter.

Complying in the issue there was an uploaded photo where Xander Ford tweeted, he is with Buknoy wearing a facemask and face shield.

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