Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero's Wildest " Labing- labing" Shocks Netizen

Being in a relationship makes you feel happy and contented. It makes you do crazy things together and do the things you never knew you can do. It gives a romantic excitement that no one else can do except your partner. Also, it makes you feel happy and in love. Despite that good side, we can’t deny that there’s a chance that challenges will come in your way that measures your love for each other. But it will depend on both of you on how you will deal with it.

In line with that matters, Vice Ganda does an interview for real-life couple Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero at his show Gandang Gabi Vice. Aubrey and Troy do a guesting in GGV, for being a trend in their body and relationship goals. Upon guesting both of them so a challenge that Vice gives and also they talked about their sweet and amazing photo on their social media account. Aubrey and Troy also gave an exchange anniversary vows.

However, this is not the Highlight of the guesting. Vice proceed into the next game called “ Saan, Kailan, Sino game”. In this game, Vice will ask some questions that Aubrey and Troy will answer. On the first question, it pertains to their wildest love gesture a couple. Second, is about who is the noisy one. Troy pointed out Aubrey, as an answer to the question.

Proceeding to the third question that makes everyone shocks. Vice asks a question again to the couple.“What is your favorite position” – Vice ask in teasing look. Aubrey shock and laugh, thinking something and looking back at Vice.“in sleeping” – Vice added immediately “ah sleeping hahaha” – Aubrey laugh and looks to her partner, Troy.

At this time, Troy will be the one to answer the question. Unfortunately, Troy didn’t hear the additional information in the question that Vice asked. “Cowgirl” – Troy response innocently. “Oy! Hindi. Sinasabi niya sleeping” - Aubrey corrected him laughing, in shock what Troy just reveal. Troy stands up in his seat after realizing what he just mistakenly reveal. Vice and the Live audience laugh in what they heard.

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