Assunta de Rossi's Miracle Baby is a Girl and named her Coccolina

Assunta de Rossi announced her pregnancy last May 2020. She called her Miracle Baby "Coccolina" an Italian word, which means "the cuddly one" in English.

Assunta de Rossi Shared an update about her pregnancy over the weekend and included on her post a subtle gender reveal. It's a Baby Girl for Assunta de Rossi and her husband Jules Ledesma. 

In Assunta's post last July 6, 2020, the actress also used the Italian term "a coccolino or a coccolina", since she doesn't know yet the gender of her baby.

As part of Assunta's Instagram post, "I couldn't be more grateful that everything's good and normal and I pray it stays that way." "For now, I'm gonna call her by her nickname Fiore (Italian for Flower). [3 flower emoji] #6monthspregnant #miraclebaby"

Nenita, Assunta's mother commented on the post. "Bulaklak, ang ganda ni bulaklak... dulot s'atin ay saya"

Suddenly, Assunta replied and tagged her younger sister Isabel in a comment, "papalitan ko na ba si @babyblackfeet sa pagiging coccolina?"

Assunta's younger sister Isabel makes a fair bargain to Assunta, saying her future niece can be "coccolina junior"

Assunta and her husband Jules have been praying for a baby throughout the 16 years of their marriage, and finally, Assunta and Jules' long wait is over!!!!!

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