A Woman was Harassed by Her Sister's Boyfriend But got Reprimanded by Hurtful Words

Blood is thicker than water, no matter what happens, your family is your ally. But this is not the case to a woman who was harassed by her sister's boyfriend. We will not identify the person, because it is too sensitive and confidential to do so. But her experience may serve a lesson to everyone.

She shared her side of the story because she cannot believe that her sister is siding with her boyfriend. She even told it happened numerous times because her sister's boyfriend wants to sleep in the middle, beside her and her sibling. She kept quiet since she doesn't want her sister to be angry because she is the one providing their needs in their family.

It even reached the point that there were nights she doesn't want to sleep since she will be laying beside her abuser. She even vividly describes how the guy's hand is placed to her breasts, hips, and butt. Nevertheless, she kept quiet.

After having the courage to tell her sister the truth and how she feels about it. Her sister didn't believe her and even picked his boyfriend over her own family. Her sister even said that "sa tagal namin magkasama biglang ganyan iaasal mo alam nmin yang mga pag uugali mo wlang maniniwala sayo". The victim is really angry at her sister because her sister even ended her words saying "simula ngayon hindi ko na kayo tinuturing kapatid dalwa".

Here are the comments from her friends:

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