A Very Harmful ingredient Found in an instant Pancit Canton

In these present times where people too busy preparing their own food, they choose to go to fast food chains instead of preparing instant foods. But those food have bad effects if we continue to eat them regularly. Medical experts are warning the public about the dangerous effects and what disease people may catch by eating instant foods

Dr. Gary Sy posted on his Facebook page the list of the ingredients of Pancit Canton. Iy includes Silicon Dioxide or popularly known as "Silica Gel".

It is an element that can be found on earth. At first, it may not affect a person, but if it got burned, powdered, and inhaled by a person it can cause serious trouble to your health. It may cause lung cancer, swollen lungs, bronchitis, and silicosis.

 Silicosis is the worse disease a person can get because it prevents your body to create scar tissues in the lungs, causing the body to find it hard to catch oxygen, and it has no cure so it can easily lead you to death.

Also eating instant foods may cause high blood pressure, dizziness, and kidney failure. That's why medical experts are motivating people to stop eating or lessen the intake of instant foods.

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