40M worth of Face Shields Scammed Filipinos

As the COVID cases arise in the country, social distancing and facemask are some of the ways to prevent people for being infected with the virus, yet in these present times government tries to be more strict, they do not only require face mask and social distancing but as well as a face shield. It is an item of personal protective equipment, aims to protect the wearer's entire face from the virus. 

As face shields became in demand, many suppliers and sellers appeared online, as well as scammers. Many people posted online about their experience as they got scammed after purchasing thousands and millions of them. Some told that police were involved because many buyers were told to wait at a plaza near Binondo Church, and got nothing. 

Some sellers already paid their reservation fee worth 200 thousand pesos and some even paid 568 thousand pesos. One of the netizens also told that someone from Divisoria got scammed worth 40 Million Pesos.

Despite the pandemic, and people's hardship and struggle to survive, some people still have no conscience and continues to outwit their neighbors. It is saddening because as people strive for survival, scammers also strive to fool others.

Source: Mary Joy Nuico

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