16-Year-Old Teenager Took Her Own Life Because of Online Selling

In this time of pandemic where jobs, establishments and businesses are forced to temporarily stop their operation. Internet has become their alternative way to continue their game. Some company and Entrepreneur adopted the new normal. While some has able to establish and grow their business online.  But not all people succeed in the business industry, several of them failed and decided to end their life.

This happened to a 16-year-old online seller who commits suicide because of cancelled orders and she did not even earn a cent and has an eight thousand pesos of debt because she is just loaning money to invest for business. She was not able to handle the stress and depression from her online business. A netizen even warns everyone who are ordering from small online businesses and if they’re planning to start selling online “Pag umorder, wag po cancel ng cancel. Lalo na pag pre-order at yung mga open sa reservations, in the first place, sinasabihan naman siguro kayo ng seller na pre-order yung item. Syempre yung possibility na may katagalan ang pag dating ng item niyo, andun pa din dahil sa pandemic...” she said pertaining to customers.

Being an online seller is not a joke because you are doing all the job, from packing, acquiring customers, getting their payment, taking care of deliveries, all of them are the thing you need to obtain to run your small online business. You invest a lot of money, time and effort but several customers will cancel it anyway without any considerations. This may serve as a lesson for both entrepreneurs and consumers.

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