Xander Ford's Lesbian Revalation was just a Hoax, His Ex-Girlfriend Confirmed it

Determining your sexuality is really hard for someone. They have struggled due to not clear personality or not sure in who they really are. However, once you know what your sexual identity you should aware of how your choice is going through, knowing that there’s a huge people around you that will judge you. But changing your sexuality should use for covering what wrong you’ve done or shifted the attention in the other way.

Recently, there’s a post of Ysah the ex-girlfriend of Marlou aka Xander Ford, she replied to her follower in TikTok about the issue of her ex-boyfriend that he is a bisexual. But to contrary in what Xander acted, she said that Xander is just pretending or faking about the Bisexual identity.

Xander and his Friend are just using each other to become a trend in social media. And in line with this issue, Xander Ford is recently posting a TikTok video and picture with the guy. Perhaps, Ysah said that Xander is just helping a friend to become popular and to be famous. Little did we know that Xander is well known and became a social media trend, additional that Xander and Ysah have a couple argument.

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