Xander Ford Exclusively Admitted that he is a part of LGTBQ Community

Sex and Gender have a different perspective. Sex is the biological attributes that you have, while gender is the way show or you express yourself towards others or in the community you belong like being masculine or feminine. But sometimes other people misinterpret these two.

To overview Gender is it influences how people perceive themselves and each other, how they act and interact, and the distribution of power and resources in society.  Sex is usually categorized as female or male but there is variation in the biological attributes that comprise sex and how those attributes are expressed. Through that, gender and sex at some point are correlated to each other.

Recently, Marlou AKA Xander Ford, do a public announcement that he belongs to LGBTQ. Knowing that earlier this day that there's an issue about Xander and his Ex-girlfriend. This scenario of admitting who he becomes viral in social media and get many reactions by the netizens.

In line with that, he posts a picture and does a life that he has a boyfriend. Another scenario that becomes trending. Some saying that he just using this kind of strategy to seek attention and to forget about the issue he had done before.

There's a post from the social media of Althea Nicole about the TikTok of some guy while Xander Ford with the caption ' Lah, Anong kalokohan to'. The TikTok user name is @imjeckvelasco.

Xander Ford also post on his Facebook page with a caption of " same vibe same feelings"

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