Xander Ford Confirmed that he is no longer part of LGBTQ

Marlou Arizala also known as Xander Ford continuously receives hate comments from people online. He was involved in different issues and controversies, including the accusation of her ex-girlfriend Ysa Cabrejas for alleged physical abuses she received from Marlou. The issue reached Raffy Tulfo's program "Raffy Tulfo in action". Where Ysa tries to call for help, for what Marlou did to her. Netizen's anger grew bigger because of that.

Weeks after the issue Marlou posted on his social media account claiming that he is part of the LGBT community, and after a few days he posted a picture together with a guy named Jeck Velasco and introduce him through his vlog as his boyfriend. After the post, someone posted on Facebook claiming she is the girlfriend of Jake and confessed that both Marlou and his pretend-to-be-boyfriend is just using one another for their own benefit. Marlou didn't react from the accusation

And now he posted again on his Facebook page claiming again that he is no longer part of the LGBT community by saying:

"Hindi napo ako part ng LGBTQ lilinawin kolang!!🥰❤"

Netizen's confusion began, because of his unconnected claims and statements that brought anger and hatred against Xander. Netizens says that he is just making different excuses to escape the accusation of Ysa.

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