Vlogger Gets Over 1 Million Views with Video of Him Doing Nothing for 2 Hours

These days, a lot of people earn money by becoming a content creator. Though there is big money in being a vlogger or blogger, it’s not as easy as you think.

Before earning money from the channel or blog, it has to be approved for monetization first. But even with approval, you don’t earn a lot of money unless you get a lot of views and site visits!

To entice viewers and potential subscribers, content creators have to make sure that they create interesting, high-quality content. This could mean investing in high-quality equipment, thinking of interesting topics to make, and ensuring that you create a video with engaging content. Such could be difficult to achieve!

But one vlogger and comedian recently went viral as he posted a video of himself doing absolutely nothing for 2 hours. Sounds rather crazy, right? Who would view that? But quite amazingly, the video has gone viral, earning over 800k views in 2 weeks.

Comedian Russell Peters had actually gone viral in the past for a similar video, claiming that men have the ability to sit for 15 minutes, doing nothing, thinking about nothing, and simply staring off into space.

In the heels of the successful 15-minute ‘nothing’ video, he made the 2-hour version – and it’s an absolute hit among netizens. Apparently, nearly 1 million people found the video interesting enough to view it.

We’re not quite sure whether these netizens viewed the entire video as it’s more than 2 hours and 20 minutes. But we’re definitely amazed at the 1Million views. Many of us can’t even get over 1,000 views on our interesting videos, huh? Yet this guy got that much by doing nothing.

If you don’t believe us, check out this video:

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