Vice Ganda walks out of It's Showtime Opening Number

Amid in what happened yesterday, It is really painful for every staff and celebrity of the ABS CBN network. Losing their home in the industries where a lot of them give their life to serve the company and do their best in working to give the best of the best service in all Filipinos.

Vice Ganda, one of the celebrity and known as a Phenomenal box office star walked out in today's opening number of showtime, the noontime segment in ABS CBN where he is one of the hosts. At the start, it is really noticeable that Vice is not in his mood. But when they do an opening number, still Vice Ganda is really looking sad and a lot of thoughts running in his mind.

Other of the host like Jhong Hilario, Vhong Navarro, Jugs and Teddy sings their line cheerfully. However, when Vice sing his line, he didn't look at the camera and just tilt his face to the left side. But when Vice finally faces the camera he shows us an unpleasant smile. The smile that full of pain.

Meanwhile, when Jhong sang his line Vice cant hold his emotion and left the stage without saying anything. Vice didn't come back in the stage to finish the opening number but rather he stays at the side behind the camera.

When the commercial break comes, Vice tweeted about what he has done in the opening number. Right after what Vice action and do tweets he becomes a no. 1 trending in twitter.

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