Veteran Director Erik Matti mocks MMFF for including Vice Ganda's film in 2020 lineup

Veteran director Erik Matti took a swipe at the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) executive committee after they announced that Vice Ganda's "Private Benjamin 3" is part of the festival in December.

In a series of Facebook posts, the director of popular Filipino movies like “Gagamboy” and “Honor Thy Father” expressed disappointment that MMFF still put Praybeyt Benjamin in the cinemas next Christmas.

“Bagsak na nga ang pelikula, sumara na ABS, Praybeyt Benjamin pa rin palabas sa Pasko? Walang nagbago a! Kinangkina!” Matti said.

"5 months lockdown. Thousands of content binged. The biggest network closes. Praybeyt Benjamin. We never learned," he wrote in another post.

In another lengthy post, Matti became more specific about his complaint about the current movies being shown in cinemas.

“The initial thoughts I had, as a filmmaker, was to go back to basics. Small crew, small stories, personal, light, and relevant. And true enough, with the many limitations on safety and health, I think that’s the way to go. And given how small it will be, the filmmaker now is afforded the chance to refresh storytelling techniques and dramatic structures hopefully giving birth to something new that everyone can welcome from all these months of drudgery,” Matti said.

“But I may be overthinking it too. Maybe going back to normal is just that, going back to how we were before all these. Same old, same shit. Maybe the way to go is just presume nothing has changed and everyone still wants the same things. Same plotlines, same rehashed stories, same piks and paks, same copies of things that worked out there,” he added.

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