Sunshine Cruz Gets Mad To The Malicious Post About her Daughters

Being a mother, we all know that they cant do or let her children go or walk in the wrong direction or path in life. They always end up by giving advice and stand by our side to watch our decision and give us help. Also, you will do everything just protect your children. Just like Ms. Sunshine Cruz done on social media.

Sunshine Cruz and her daughters get viral. For having a "sexy image" in social media. She gets frustrated with what Facebook user has done to the photos of her and her daughter. Due to giving a malicious insight and not giving respect. Knowing that her daughters are still young and some are minors.

“Sad na ginagawang rason ng mga manyak na ito na Naka swimsuit or shorts daw kami (Sadly, perverts find their excuse in the fact that we were wearing swimsuits or shorts),” she said.

Ms. Sunshine Cruz still says that even they wear covered clothes they continuously received harassment from unknown social media users. The actress banned and blocked those sexual predators in her official Facebook account.

“Parang ngayon lang nakakita ng mga babae. Ako po ang nahihiya para sa mga magulang [niyo],” - she added.

“THIS PAGE IS OPEN FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO RESPECT WOMEN. HINDI PARA SA MGA SEXUAL PREDATORS O MANYAK (Not for sexual predators and perverts),” she added. “If you have nothing good to say, keep it to yourself.”

The actress accompanied the post with a snip of a netizen’s comment comparing her daughters to pieces of bread being sold on a shelf without a price tag.

“Don’t blame us, blame people who look down on women for the choice of clothes they wear,” Ms.  Sunshine's stressed.

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