Ryssi Avila Flaunt her New Boyfriend with an Unexpected Remark

Internet sensation Ryssi Avila and Cocon Felix surprised the netizens when Cocon announced their break up on their Facebook page "Ry & Con". The famous couple has gone their separate ways. Both of them were discovered because of their famous song covers on social media. But their break up started many controversies. Many netizens hated Ryssi for they assumed that she cheated with Skusta Clee

Because after their break up, Ryssi was spotted together with Skusta Clee based on both of their Instagram stories. Yet the two of them denied the issue and continue to claim that they are just friends even way before the controversy. While Cocon Felix was caught with Zeinab Harake (Skusta Clee's ex-girlfriend). Four of them blew the Internet with many theories and issues.

A few weeks later, Ryssi added another post to yet again surprise their fans. On her own Facebook page, she shared a photo with an unknown guy which she claims is madly in love with her. Many supporters assumed it was her boyfriend.

On her Facebook post she said:

"Meet my lifeee, mas pogi pa sa concon niyo."

Ryssi received different opinions and comments from netizens for allegedly dating another man shortly after her break up with Cocon.

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