Robber Suffered a Heart Attack while Robbing these Passengers!

Video footage shows the astonishing moment a thief suffered a fatal heart attack while attempting to rob the passenger at a bus stop.

Karma didn’t take its time with this one. One of two armed robbers had a really bad day. During their nearly successful robbery of half a dozen people waiting on the street for a bus, one of them starts to look a little strange.

He grabs the goods, heads back to the car, and starts having trouble. The crowd stands back and isn’t quite sure what to make of it, and later would find out that the robber was suffering from a heart attack.

He didn’t make it. The life he chooses seems to have taken its toll. It’s always sad to see people go down this path in life, but it’s going to happen. I’ll never praise a death, but you can’t help but notice the poetic justice that happens here.

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