Raffy Tulfo was being Blamed for the Demise of a Soldier

Serving the country as being a soldier is a difficult responsibility, it makes your life in danger just to protect others and do your work. Those people are to be called a hero for giving their life. However, besides protecting and doing a responsibility, they also have a life that needed to fulfill. But what will you do that your life and your responsibility will need to be fixed at the same time? 

Relating to the situation above, two soldiers died last Wednesday due to a fatal encounter in Maguindanao. During a clash against Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom. Fighters in Datu Salibo, two soldiers were fatally wounded. They are Pfc. Raymond Canlog and Pfc. Jovit Sarno who is part of Army 57th Infantry Battalion.

 Before he passed away, Private First Class Raymond Canlog was aired to a segment of Mr. RaffyTulfo named " Wanted sa Radyo". Due to his ex-girlfriend, Daisyre Ceraos file a complaint to Raymond for allegedly leaving her by. According to Daisyre, they are planned to marry, however, Pfc. Canlog is broke up with her.

 Base on the statement of Daisyre, their married was due on January 28. And all the things needed for the wedding are ready, especially for clothes and rings. But on a last-minute, Daisyre said that Pfc. Canlog changes its mind and left her. On the program, Mr. Raffy Tulfo sympathizes with his ex-girlfriend who seems to get so hurt and called Pfc. Canlog as not being a man for not facing his responsibility and face his Ex.

 After the news spread, a lot of bashers bashed Mr. Tulo and Pfc Canlog's girlfriend for being a responsible why Pfc. Canlog die.

 " Maging ako maam, binabash din. Pero let me tell you this maam, wag kang paapekto, kasi yung mga basher, mga bobo yan. Kaya nga basher ang tawag sakanila. Yung pagkakamatay po ni Pfc. walang kinalaman sa sumbong niyo. Ito po ay may kinalaman sa kanyang trabaho. That is his job. Whether sinumbong mo sya o hindi, ito po talaga ang kapalaran niya"- Mr. Raffy said.

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