Netizens were Shocked on Bianca Umali's Latest Photo in Instagram

Being a celebrity is a responsibility to take the right actions and make yourself be a good portrait that your viewers can see. However, All of us must feature that being unique and confidently beautiful despite your flaws. Some celebrity also uses as an instrument to promote a women empowerment since they have a spotlight that can catch the attention of anybody.

A celebrity actress, Bianca Umali show to the public how she's happy with Ruru Madrid her real-life couple. Bianca uploaded their sweet photo in her Instagram account without a caption but the emotions and the chemistry are there.

Recently, Bianca posted a picture about promoting a MAC lipstick. Her photo gets viral due to she looks fierce with her fascinating collar bones but features a sad face. Some netizens throw a disgusting comment in her photo. Other's are defending her.

Meanwhile, one of her fans throw a rant about the picture, Bianca's uploaded.

"Left is from July, last year and the right pic is posted yesterday. If you’ll stalk her IG, Bianca has been focusing more on having a fit body. When you work out, you only do not lose body fat but also your face will get skinny. If you’ll notice on the second pic, her collar bones are more visible and her jaw is more defined and that’s probably because she’s been working out lately, not because “nil*spag” sya."

Little did we know, that once a person starts making her self fit. The body details will change depending on what we're working out and where we focus on making our body fit.

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