Netizens Reaction after Aika Lopez Revealed the Truth behind DJ Loonyo's Magpakailanman Story

In this era of the internet, many celebrities have made their name and fortunes through social media. It is not so long ago that Rhemuel Luino was unknown, but now he has an international recognition thanks to his aggressive social media campaign, especially DJ Loonyo photos that have made rounds online. This means he has to be on all the relevant social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and, most recently, Tiktok.

Netizens went mad at DJ Loonyo after Aika Lopez's post went viral last night, July 18,2020. One of the netizens even said that Loonyo is such a jerk for not telling that true story behind his Magpakailanman story. The netizens even said that Loonyo never loved the kid because is he truly loved his child he won't make stories just for his fame.

It is actually true because your conscience would not let you do this kind of stuff. After all, it is really inhuman to tell a lie about your deceased child.

There are more reasonable comments from some netizens about the said issue. Some really do make sense and some are just trash-talking about how DJ Loonyo is a jerk.

As of now, DJ Loonyo is still quiet about the issue and we are still waiting for his response about the acquisition of his ex-girlfriend.

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