Jillian Ward Gets Trending Due To " Salamat, Google" Statement

Being a celebrity is one of the difficult kinds of lifestyle. For being popular you should always make a movement that leads you in a right or safe place since a lot of people is watching you and if you do a wrongful action then right after a hours even minutes you are in the trending spot and lots of bashers is running in your social media throw trash on you.

In line with that, Jillian Ward a teen actor of the Kapuso network gets viral after having an issue about using google translator. Considering that she and the other actress have an argument in social media and each of them throws a word to one another.

Sofia Pablo is the one that had a conflict with Jillian Ward, her co-actress. She is a 14 years old female actress. Their tweets pertaining to other lead Jillian Ward called " Salamat, Google". Since some social media users believe that Jillian's statement is translated by GOOGLE. Then tweet it right after the translation. Also for having a too deep word that leads to some misconception.

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