Jeric Raval Cameos on his Daughter's TikTok Video

Jeric Raval has recently trended on social media because of a video his daughter, AJ Raval posted online. In her online post, AJ shared a video clip of herself dancing to Akon's song, "I Wanna Love You" which is famous on TikTok. Her dance, however, promoted the veteran actor to react and comment about her moves which can be seen in the video she uploaded.

Jeric Raval and his daughter, AJ Raval has recently trended on social media after the latter posted a new TikTok video on her social media account. In the video, AJ could be seen dancing to Akon's song, I Wanna Love You when her father suddenly walked inside the kitchen.

As AJ tried to continue dancing the steps to the song, Jeric could be seen looking at her from time to time as he seemed to be giving a comment regarding her dance. In her online post, AJ shared what Jeric said to her.

 "Tatay Erick: "Ang bantot naman ng sayaw mo nak baka makita ni idol Ben Tulfo yan baka sabihin wala kang tatay," she wrote. The video immediately circulates the social media and may netizens were shocked on how beautiful Jeric Raval's daughter is.

Watch the video below:

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