Ex-Girlfriend of Marlou Arizala Confirmed that the case Against him is now Ongoing

Marlou Arizala has been called out online by a woman who alleged that he abused her while they were in a relationship. Arizala, who previously had the screen name Xander Ford, is known as a former member of the parody boy band Hasht5.

Following the allegations in a Facebook post that has over 168,000 shares as of this writing, he said in a Facebook post on, June 18: “Sorry sa lahat (for everything) Ysah.”

Five days ago, Marlou's ex-girlfriend posted a video on TikTok claiming that the case against Marlou is now ongoing on the court and still waiting for the schedule of the hearing.

As his ex-girlfriend said the cases that Marlou is facing right now is attempted rape or REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9262 which states, An act defining violence against women and their children, providing for protective measures for victims, prescribing penalties therefore, and for other purposes.

And the other one is ACTS OF LASCIVIOUSNESS which states, the act of making physical contact with the body of another person for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification other than, or without the intention of, sexual intercourse.

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